Vince Staples is known for social media antics like starting a GoFundMe to get people to pay him to leave rap, but he outdid himself this time.

In the midst of the controversy over Kanye’s recent tweets Staples tweeted, “Last summer I tried to get Ye back for the set but it was just too white in there.” We reached out to him for clarity, and he told us he was faking a relationship with Kendall Jenner to “infiltrate the family on some Rob Mazur sh*t.” He then told us about the ‘Saturday Spirit dinner’ he was invited to at Kris Jenner’s L.A. home:

“First of all, I knew wasn’t nothin’ flavorful gonna be cooked at something called “Saturday Spirit,” but I was really focused on gettin’ this done for the set. N*ggas don’t even realize Kanye ghetto gospel. I done played the beginning of “Dark Fantasy” at truce meetings and made real killers hug. N*ggas be thinkin’ bout they mamas. So when I hear gospel sh*t like “Father Stretch My Hands” and realize it’s coming from a Black Trump supporter with blonde hair, it’s hella weird. I guess it makes sense but anyway…

I go in there, hug Kendall, say hi to the family. Kylie called me every other rapper that night. I think she know too many cause I never heard of none of these n*ggas. She took like 8 snaps with me cause she kept calling me the wrong rapper. Eventually, I finally get Kanye away from the rest of them and I’m about to start workin’ on him. But I can’t just say ‘n*gga you from Chicago tighten up.’ I gotta butter it up. So I tell him I’m working on a concept EP about if the Panthers were here today. So I’m trying to talk about some Huey P. Newton speeches but Kanye just keeps sayin “yeah yeah yeah” in that white man voice. Like it’s just…under while I’m talkin,’ “yeah yeah yeah.“ I guess that’s what he say now when he’s into something. But it just got in my head. I just started picturing Huey P sayin’ “yeah yeah yeah” onstage and I couldn’t focus. I started talkin’ to him about his daughter’s shoes but that somehow turned into a conversation about what would happen if Machiavelli owned Facebook.

So we go to the dining room for dinner. I volunteer to say grace. I started but they’re like – wait – we have to get the cameras ready. So they get their phones out, all the women start angling for the right picture on their phones…the food getting’ cold. Rob come downstairs, get a plate then take it back upstairs. They finally get their angles. Then Kim say “1,2,3, play” and just say “that’s exactly what I mean!” and laughs. Then the whole family just starts laughing with her and they act like they were talking all along. It was hella quiet just 30 seconds ago. I’m like oh, sh*t they really faked a whole family conversation for the camera! They took one bite of the food, turned the cameras off and left the dining room.

I was like gotta go cuz. It ain’t nothin’ real goin on in there. I was hungry but then I really got scared of the food. I started thinking about that picture of James Harden with Khloe like what is in them mashed potatoes? I snuck out, took an Uber down to Roscoe’s and tried to forget about it. Just pray for Ye, cuz.”