28-year-old Courtney “What It Posed To Be” Gipp caused a stir when he tweeted a Change petition for Childish Gambino to win the Pulitzer Prize recently awarded to Kendrick Lamar because of his “This Is America” video. Along with the obvious fact that the Pulitzer is a literary award, and music videos are not eligible, many were also offended when Gipp tweeted that the song was a “white gay anthem.” He’s gotten over 40,000 signatures on the petition since that tweet. Our reporter Shanique Smith spoke with him on the phone to talk about his petition and his claims.

Priceless Press: Hello, Courtney, can you talk with us about what made you decide to start this petition?

Gipp: Like, OK b***h–

Please don’t call me that.

–Like I was saying I was on the A train and I heard this bomb ass-fleeking Black girl with shady locs say “Donald Glover made that ‘This Is America’ video for the white gays.” And I’m like “yaaaaas,” I didn’t think my little gay ass was relevant to hip-hop. And this is a real like, “I actually grew up in Bed Stuy” Black sister queen saying this, she probably writes for The Root and everything. But I just think it’s important that some rapper speaks up for the white gays like…Black Panther was everything! We want representation too that’s all! Cause b***h under Trump we’re enemy number one.

One, once again, please don’t call me the B-word, two, I think Muslims, Latino people, trans people and a lot of other marginalized groups would have something to say about that last claim.

We’re all human.

…Anyway. Are you sure the woman on the train didn’t mean ‘white gaze,’ in terms of white America’s inherent fascination with Black trauma, specifically the scenes of someone being shot?

Huh? I don’t even like Black trauma. Their lead singer is totally bae even with those weird white boy dreads which isn’t appropriation but like, appreciation. They’re over. I’m about to get me a big Gunplay-dread extension in a couple weeks myself. Serving up exotic pirate crip tea out this thang.

What are you talking about?

Black trauma, this totally poser ska-polka-trap-dream pop experiment that my sister Bartholomew put me to the d-low tip with swag.

…OK. You don’t know exactly what I’m talking about when I say Black trauma, do you?

No, I’m not sure I get what you’re saying. “Kill an N-word, then you’re sayin’ something!” Haha, Jay Kay, that’s a 21 Savage lyric. He’s so ridic.

I see. So, you felt like Donald Glover made this video for a song with rhymes like “You just a Black man in this world/you just a barcode” to celebrate gay white men?

I think when he says, “Bar code,” he’s referring to like…OK b***h, this is my deep dive.

Please don’t –

– When you’re at the bar, and it’s a Black guy snacking at you like you a whole ass bon ton water bottle, you shouldn’t say he’s gagging thirst. Serve him a chance. We’re all just the bar code, the code of bars everywhere, which is be friendly, see if they wanna hook up. Because everytime an interracial couple gets together you end racism again. OH FUCK BITCH I’m Kanye out here philosophizing!

…OK. That’s a one of a kind interpretation.


Do you mean “down?”

I meant dim…hunty bookoo bae thicky slimbellina I know my slang. Don’t try to come over me.

…So, we also wanted to know why you felt like a music video deserves a Pulitzer Prize? Are you aware that the Pulitzer is a literary award?

Oh no, I thought it was just like any other award.

What does that mea…No, Kendrick’s DAMN received a Pulitzer for its powerful lyrics.

OK, but I mean a white gay anthem or “b***h be humble?” Let’s compare it. He needs to be humble and just realize when something is better and is reading heavy tea for a cause. Like it’s almost like Black Lives Matter.

(Long silence)

…So you didn’t realize the Pulitzer was a literary award. Why did you choose to target that award? You and your friends didn’t think that there was a future award Childish Gambino could get?

Future don’t even have an award show yet. Gurl I’m serving Black culture better than you. But look tea, I saw Kendrick getting something that was about wokeness and I just thought I saw something that was even woker. What they could do is just submit the script for the video treatment. That’s what my druggie friend did to get into Dartmouth Film School.

Yeah, it doesn’t really work like that. Anyway, do you have any final thoughts?

Donald Glover is a genius! He defined racism against white gays, he made a song for us. He said “you don’t get to tell me that racism is over” in Vice once. It reminds me of my lovedown sister Josh’s quote, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” He’s so cuddly and conscious, he dragged my little crop cut all across the world! Blocka!